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The Design

DEP Designs has distilled the character and spirit of the historic Brush Park through an elegant, modern interpretation that is unique to Brush 8. The townhomes are characterized by the handsome brick work, reminiscent of historic Victorian homes, with large floor to ceiling windows and bay windows designed to fill the interior spaces with light throughout the day and provide generous and panoramic views of the surroundings.
Brush 8 features a distinctive flat roofline with private rooftop terraces. Each home has its own pergola and penthouse to enhance and add comfort and practicality to the outdoor space.
The interplay of building materials and textures create visual interest, excitement, and appeal. Rarely will you find new residential construction using the quality materials that are planned for Brush 8, including brick pattern articulated with care, composite wood panels at the street level adding warmth and style, smooth fiber cement, and metal panels that harmonize with the tall window openings.
The generously sized floor-to-ceiling windows provide an abundance of natural light into the interior.  Other conceived design features further contribute to the ample natural light and its display into the interior spaces:  open-riser wood stairs on the second and third floors in conjunction with glass partition permit natural light to penetrate through the stairs and deep into normally unexpected spaces; and a skylight at the top of the penthouse and floor openings at the second and third floors distribute additional natural light and furthermore provide a visual connection between floors.

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Brush 8 Elevations Large.png

The kitchen on the second floor is minimal in articulation to emphasize and focus on the richness of the materials.  The exhaust hood and appliances are clad with the same base and wall cabinet panels to be cohesive with the overall kitchen composition.  Cabinets and appliances are designed free of metal pulls, beckoning users to touch and feel the natural wood panels or smooth lacquered white panels.  The kitchen island is anchored and draped in stone, making it the centerpiece on the floor.  The utility closet is massed together with the kitchen for the simplicity of function and space efficiency.  However, the utility door is articulated as an extension of the kitchen composition, elongating the kitchen design composition.


DEP Designs is an architecture, interior design and master planning firm.  Their areas of expertise are the design of multi-family housing, corporate offices, mixed-use buildings and planned unit developments, ranging from 200-acre large-scale developments to small boutique projects. 

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Design Principals

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Chuong Cao and Giang Dinh are principals of DEP, which they founded in 2008.  Both have close to thirty years of architectural and interior design experience. Their work includes cultural, multi-family residential, luxury urban homes, corporate and urban planning projects. 
Chuong and Giang have received numerous design excellence awards and publications for their works. The most recent include: 1441 L Street, 1734 6th Street, 1828 L Street, Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center, Gala Hispanic Theatre, 1050 K Street and 1152 15th Street.
Prior to founding DEP, Chuong was an associate principal at the prestigious design firm Hickok Cole, in which he served as the firm’s design director. 
Giang is also a painter and world-renowned origami artist. His works are on exhibit in many museums and galleries in the USA, Europe and Asia.  As an invited special guest, Giang often travels the globe to give lectures and lead workshops.  One such presentation was given in Indianapolis for “A simple fold, a thousand words” TEDx Talk.

Project Developers


Detroit real estate development company led by Moddie Turay. It is focused on advancing neighborhoods through catalytic projects designed by premier architects. The principals have over 40 years of combined experience in mixed-use development. With project initiatives totaling over $2 billion across Detroit, they’ve played an instrumental role in Detroit’s resurgence.

CGP is currently working on lifestyle-forward mixed-use projects in several neighborhoods in the greater downtown area including the Brush 8 condominiums in Brush Park and the East Riverfront.

See Moddie Turay & his wife featured in Architectural Digest.


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